Supervisory Board

supervisory board

The Supervisory Board of Wacker Chemie AG has 16 members – split evenly between eight shareholder representatives and eight employee representatives, as required by German co-determination legislation. Shareholder representatives are elected at the shareholders’ meeting. Employee representatives are elected in accordance with the German Co-Determination Act. As well as appointing and advising the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board performs a variety of supervisory duties. The members of Wacker Chemie AG’s Supervisory Board represent a cross section of German business: leading managers from industry, finance and law, as well as labor union representatives and skilled workers.

Members of the Supervisory Board
Dr. Peter-Alexander Wacker
Bad Wiessee-Holz Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Former President & CEO of Wacker Chemie AG, Businessman
Dr. Andreas Biagosch Munich Managing Director of Impacting I GmbH & Co. KG and Impact GmbH
Matthias Biebl Munich Attorney and in-house lawyer, UniCredit Bank AG
Dr. Gregor Biebl Munich Undersecretary, Bavarian State Ministry of Finance, for Regional Development and Regional Identity
Franz-Josef Kortüm Munich Former Chairman of the Executive Board of Webasto SE
Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Webasto SE
Dr. Thomas Strüngmann Tegernsee Co-Managing Director of ATHOS Service GmbH
Dr. Susanne Weiss Munich Attorney, and a partner in the law firm Weiss Walter Fischer-Zernin
Prof. Dr. Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker Munich Professor emeritus of Biochemistry at LMU Munich
Manfred Köppl Kirchdorf Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Chairman of Employee Council, Burghausen Plant, Wacker Chemie AG
Peter Áldozó Burghausen Deputy Chairman of the Group Employee Council of Wacker Chemie AG
Dagmar Burghart Kirchdorf Team leader of Retirement Benefits Service Center, Wacker Chemie AG
Konrad Kammergruber Burghausen Director of Infrastructure Services, Wacker Chemie AG
Eduard-Harald Klein Neuötting Chairman of the Group and General Employee Councils of Wacker Chemie AG
Barbara Kraller Taching Deputy Chairman of Employee Council, Burghausen Plant, Wacker Chemie AG
Seppel Kraus Olching Regional head of the IG BCE labor union, Bavaria
Harald Sikorski Munich District Chairman of the IG BCE labor union Altötting