Silicones with Magnetic Properties

WACKER experts integrated tiny magnetic particles into silicone rubber grades, thereby giving the material magnetic and other interesting properties. The new ELASTOSIL® R 781/80 grade thus opens up potential applications for kitchen-appliance manufacturers, as well as for the food and medical sectors.

Any length and any shape: magnetizable profiles made of ELASTOSIL® R 781/80

Whether in electric motors, speakers or hard disks – the invisible power of magnetic materials can be used in numerous ways and can now also be combined with silicone rubber grades. WACKER experts were able to give the material interesting additional properties. Since the new ELASTOSIL® R 781/80 grade is filled with tiny magnetic particles, the resultant silicone parts are magnetic.

The integrated particles – roughly ten micrometers in size – are made of ferrimagnetic magnetite material. This means that the silicone compounds are capable of being magnetized in the presence of a strong magnetic or electromagnetic field. Together with other magnets, this magnetic effect is particularly pronounced,

thereby offering diverse application possibilities. For example, the new WACKER elastomer enables the extrusion of magnetic profiles that adhere to metallic substrates. Since silicone rubber is extremely flexible, these profiles not only adhere to flat surfaces, but also to curved or rounded ones. Silicones are also known for their very good extrusion behavior. Thus, profiles are manufactured very efficiently and in virtually all lengths and shapes.