A Brand Name Synonymous with Innovation

ELASTOSIL®, one of the best-known and most successful WACKER brands, is turning 60. This trademark now stands for some 3,000 standard and specialty products.

Small car parts made with ELASTOSIL®: there are several kilograms of silicone in every modern car.

Johann Müller first encountered ELASTOSIL® in 1970 when he began his training as a chemical laboratory technician at WACKER in Burghausen. From 1990 to 2013, the native of Lower Bavaria then managed a WACKER SILICONES applications laboratory. For Müller, who worked with silicone rubber his entire professional life, the WACKER product’s name already reveals its distinctive feature. Of the many quality characteristics of ELASTOSIL®, a particularly important one is its consistently high elasticity.

WACKER now supplies some 3,000 different silicones under the ELASTOSIL® registered trademark – both standard and specialty products for a diverse range of applications in almost all industrial sectors. Added to this is the technical service that the company provides for its ELASTOSIL® products.


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A Global Brand

It’s no wonder, then, that the brand is sometimes better known than the company itself. The laboratory manager experienced this for himself during his first business trips in India: “Together with a local sales manager, we visited a company that processed large quantities of elastomers and was just carrying out trials with ELASTOSIL®,” remembers Müller. He introduced himself as an employee of Wacker Chemie, which was met by confused looks – WACKER was not a familiar name. The expressions of the Indian partners only brightened up once the name ELASTOSIL® was mentioned.