Enhanced Fire Safety

Additives can improve the flame resistance of many plastics. However, they often also complicate processing. With GENIOPLAST® Pellet S, WACKER has developed a silicone additive that not only reinforces the effect of certain flame-retardant fillers in polyolefin compounds, but also makes extrusion easier. This twofold advantage enhances the production of thermoplastic compounds as used in cable sheathing and in aluminum composite panels for building construction and the automotive sector.

A contradiction that is difficult to solve: although safety is one of our basic needs, we generally want to notice very little or nothing at all of the things that provide a secure environment. Safety should be a given and, ideally, invisible. Take fire safety as an example. Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and sprinkler systems convey a sense of security when we see them. However, when we are surrounded by a large number of protective devices, we are reminded of potential danger and feel less safe.

Fire safety is not the only requirement that needs to be met in building construction. Energy, design and economical aspects also play a key role and must be harmonized. In modern building construction, aluminum composite panels have become an established component of facade design. Their advantages are obvious: they are easy to transport and work with; with the appropriate outer coatings, they can produce virtually any design; they withstand adverse weather conditions and, with an adequate insulation layer, they contribute to thermal insulation.