A Shield Against Flashover

For porcelain insulators to function flawlessly, they must be regularly cleansed of dirt and salt particles. Silicone coatings from WACKER provide protection for their surfaces. Locations in extreme climate zones can particularly benefit from such a coating since the insulators need to be cleaned much less often.

The hydroelectric power plant on Lake Volta has six turbines and a total capacity of 912 megawatts. Sub-stations ensure that the electricity is fed into the grid.

Covering an area of 8,502 km2, Lake Volta in the West African country of Ghana is the size of the island of Corsica – and the largest man-made reservoir on Earth. At its southernmost end, this enormous lake is harnessed by the Akosombo Dam. The hydroelectric power from the dam supplies the majority of Ghana’s electricity. From here, power is transmitted and distributed throughout the country on high- and medium-voltage power lines, covering hundreds of kilometers. Many of these lines are no longer state-of-the-art, however, and Ghana’s two major energy providers estimate that some 27 percent of all generated power is being lost as a result. By comparison, the loss is only two to three percent in Western Europe.

“The coatings are not just excellent insulators, they are also highly hydrophobic (i.e. water-repellent).”

Dr. Georg Simson, Technical Marketing Manager, WACKER SILICONES