VINNOL® Produces Brilliant Colors

Wide-format advertising banners and vehicle wraps are genuine eye-catchers. Their colored surfaces are created with professional inkjet printers that mostly employ solvent-borne digital printing inks. WACKER has developed the polymeric VINNOL® E 18/38 binder specifically for such inks.

Everywhere we look in our cities, wide-format advertisements compete for our attention: giant banners hanging from building fronts, scaffolding and construction site hoardings push their way into our field of vision while standing signs entice us to enter hotels, museums and shops. Meanwhile, buses, trams and delivery trucks are adorned with visually impactful vehicle wraps – which cling like a second skin.

However different these advertisements may appear at first glance, they all have one thing in common: they are made of plastic films which are custom-printed and processed in relatively small numbers. These films mostly consist of plasticized PVC and are printed using wide-format inkjet printers.

Durable Coating

“Use by Dates” are printed on the packaging of different consumer goods. Thanks to VINNOL® E 18/38, the printing ink adheres to a wide variety of substrates.

Advertising banners, standing signs and vehicle wraps are exposed to the elements and are also cleaned from time to time. Water-borne printing inks like those found in many domestic inkjet printers are generally not durable enough for this application. Nor do they adhere sufficiently to plasticized PVC. So instead, makers of advertising resort to either UV-curable or solvent-borne digital printing inks, whose binder systems provide not only the high quality print image, but also the necessary durability.

The printing industry expects inkjet printing to deliver even better results in the future and that the inks will no longer be a noticeable odor nuisance. VINNOL® E 18/38 is a polymeric binder from WACKER that will help ink makers to meet these requirements.