Just Wipe

The dispersion can be applied to mineral surfaces in diluted or undiluted form, in line with the specific requirements.

WACKER’s developers did a lot of testing in the lab: coffee, balsamic vinegar, black currant juice, cola, salad oil, ketchup and mustard – all these substances left stains on untreated mineral surfaces that even thorough cleaning couldn’t get rid of. If, on the other hand, the surface was treated with a PRIMIS® SAF 9000 dispersion, the dirt could be easily removed almost completely.

In the special dispersions series, there are currently two products: PRIMIS® SAF 9000 and PRIMIS® SAF 9001. The latter shows even better performance as regards resistance to abrasion and dirt pick-up. Both products have a solids content of 42 percent and, in principle, the user only needs to dilute them with water.

Coffee and black currant juice leave clearly visible stains on untreated decorative mineral flooring.

The treatment of mineral surfaces is very simple: “The dispersion can be distributed on the surface using a sponge, foam roller, or mop,” says Dr. Martin Schierhorn, marketing manager for construction dispersions at WACKER, “and you can walk on it as soon as it is dry.” If necessary, several coats can be applied. The first will be more dilute to ensure that the polymer particles penetrate into all the tiny pores and do not get in one another’s way. “Both dispersions are very effective at treating absorbent surfaces. They can be readily diluted with water and easily applied, so that they are also of interest to DIY fans,” says Schierhorn.

On the treated flooring, both substances can easily be completely removed by moist wiping.

In the past, mineral floors were often sealed with two-component systems based on epoxides or polyurethane which, however, cause an allergic reaction in some people. By contrast, the PRIMIS® SAF 9000 series dispersions can be freely used. Since no organic solvents or harmful substances such as formaldehyde or isocyanate, or skin sensitizers such as epoxides are added during their production, they are much more environmentally sound and more compatible than conventional products.

Protection against BBQ Grease

The polymer dispersions are also suitable for treating outdoor mineral flooring (such as terraces). Fresh-air enthusiasts will know why – rust from gardening equipment or fat dripping from grilled meat form ugly stains on the terrace, and, even if this soiling is carefully avoided, the surface still becomes dirty over time, for example from airborne pollen and dust. PRIMIS® SAF 9000 series dispersions are ideal for protecting such flooring. The amount to be applied, and the concentration, are adjusted to the absorbency of the mineral surface. The treated surfaces can even be high-pressure cleaned. Even chewing gum or dirty machine oil can be completely removed.