Just Wipe

Whether on walls, floors or terraces – stains are unwelcome. But coffee, sauces or oil marks can be difficult to remove, especially from mineral surfaces. Thanks to WACKER’s new PRIMIS® SAF 9000 series of dispersions, dirt now no longer penetrates flooring or wall paints in the first place.

The dispersion can be applied to mineral surfaces in diluted or undiluted form, in line with the specific requirements.

Decorative mineral flooring in business premises and homes, or concrete flooring in railway stations and on terraces have to put up with a lot. They are a magnet for stubborn stains, such as coffee, greasy food residues, red wine or ketchup, which often leave a residue no matter how much you try to clean them off. To prevent this, mineral surfaces are given protective treatment.

To meet this need, WACKER developed its PRIMIS® SAF 9000 series of dispersions. Concrete flooring and decorative self-leveling floor screeds are easy to protect against stains with the aid of these specialty acrylate-based aqueous dispersions. They contain high-molecular-weight polymer particles that are less than 0.1 micrometers in size on average. Being so small, the polymer particles penetrate into the fine micropores in the surface, instead of covering them. Upon drying, the particles form a film inside the concrete pores, preventing dirt from penetrating. It can simply be wiped off. This has the big advantage that the surface’s mineral appearance is hardly changed and the floor retains its familiar feel when walked on.

The high molecular weight of the polymer provides another benefit – after drying, the film deposited in the pores mechanically reinforces the surface and protects it against abrasion – an important advantage for flooring subject to heavy traffic in stores, warehouses or industrial buildings. Another advantage is that the dispersions quickly soak into the floor, which can therefore be walked on after only about an hour.

“The protection of mineral surfaces against dirt pick-up is definitely a global trend in the construction and paint industry.”

Dr. Martin Schierhorn Marketing Manager at WACKER POLYMERS