Guilt-free Indulgence

Lavish, delicious and yet low in calories: a WACKER product derived from natural corn starch offers a low-fat alternative to synthetic emulsifiers and products of animal origin – and is taking the Mexican baked goods and confectionery market by storm.

A visit to a Mexican pastry shop quickly turns into an intoxicating feast for the senses. The surprising part is not the exquisite smell emanating from display cases filled to overflowing with sweet creations – what astonishes European customers instead is the overwhelming visual opulence of even the smallest shops in remote desert backwaters. The repertoire includes delicate, melt-in-your-mouth cream tortes in a riot of colors, and countless variations of cupcakes, all decorated in wildly imaginative ways.

Like their neighbors throughout the Americas, Mexicans love their extravagant desserts – a real challenge in a country where temperatures in many locations climb to over 30 °C each day and shipping routes for fresh foods can easily assume continental proportions. So how do pastry chefs’ creations survive the stifling heat without melting – or even going bad – within the space of hours?

CAVAMAX® W6 from WACKER is one of the secrets of the Mexican confectionery miracle. This emulsifying fiber opens up a world of opportunities for bakers and pastry chefs, makes confectionery healthier and, even better, is made entirely from renewable raw materials like corn starch.