Concrete Admixture

ETONIS® polymeric admixtures make it possible to alter the key properties of concrete, optimizing familiar applications and opening up new ones.

ETONIS® in Sprayed Concrete

ETONIS® is particularly suitable for modifying sprayed concrete, such as that used in tunneling applications.

Benefits in fresh concrete:

  • Improved pumpability
  • Improved adhesion, even on smooth surfaces such as metals and damp substrates
  • Significantly reduced rebound

Benefits in hardened concrete:

  • Greater ductility for accommodating thermal stress, vibration and pressure
  • Excellent compaction reduces cracking
  • Highly durable, even under mechanical stress (pressure tunnels)
  • Resists aggressive groundwater

On the whole, ETONIS® significantly reduces the material consumption and construction time, while extending the usable life of the concrete.

Overall benefits

  • Less material and a shorter application time
  • Less waste material and lower disposal costs
  • Longer intervals between maintenance for machinery
  • Less of an impact on the environment

Concrete modified with ETONIS® is suitable for wet and dry spraying.

ETONIS® in Precast Concrete

ETONIS® improves adhesion and flexural strength in concrete, which opens up the possibility of innovative, extremely lightweight, curved composite components made of concrete and aluminum.