Effective Protection against Graffiti and More

May 02, 2018

Sometimes it’s just scribbles, sometimes it’s full-size murals in all the colors of the rainbow: graffiti. Some of the sprayers engaging in this mischief are tempted because it’s forbidden, others do it to gain kudos from their peers. Not everyone is impressed, however. Graffiti causes immense damage to cities, communities and homeowners. Removing the aggressive spray paints is extremely costly, damages the building fabric and can cause the entire property to drop in value. Homeowners can now relax: WACKER has developed a new, highly effective anti-graffiti product, which permanently protects surfaces with a thin film of silicone. Graffiti and stickers can be readily washed off with just cold water.


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  • Anti-Grafitti Coating

    Anti-Grafitti Coating

    The anti-graffiti agent has the consistency of honey and is diluted with a solvent before application. The active-ingredient content, viscosity and color can be adjusted. The anti-graffiti coating can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

  • SILRES BS 710 Sticker Removal

    SILRES BS 710 Sticker Removal

    Easy-peel: the anti-graffiti coating from chemical company WACKER is so smooth that neither spray paints nor unwelcome stickers can catch a grip.

  • SILRES® BS 710 Application

    SILRES® BS 710 Application

    Compared to other anti-graffiti coatings, silicones have the great advantage of being breathable. Moisture and, consequently, mold won’t develop in the masonry.

  • SILRES® BS 710 Sponge Removal

    SILRES® BS 710 Sponge Removal

    With WACKER’s new protective silicone coating a sponge and cold water are enough to remove graffiti.

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