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Donation Campaign: The WACKER Relief Fund Is Building Schools for Children in Nepal

Freiberg/Munich, Dec 08, 2015

In the spring of 2015, large areas of Nepal were devastated by two severe earthquakes. The South Asian country still has not recovered from the disaster. Not much was donated to aid organizations in the wake of this natural disaster. Indeed, at the time, it seemed largely forgotten by the rest of the world. WACKER’s Relief Fund (WACKER HILFSFONDS) is now supporting a project for the development and maintenance of schools in the Himalayan state.

Wacker Hilfsfonds
The Burghausen choir “Die Konradis” is donating in excess of €5,000 in sales from its benefit concert in order to support the WACKER Relief Fund’s chosen project in Nepal. Mirko Kappelhoff, chairman of the fund’s board of directors (middle) accepted the donation check at this year’s traditional honors ceremony for long-serving employees at the staff building in Burghausen.

The fund supports the student-run charitable organization Namaste Nepal S-GmbH based in Freiberg. Since 2005, the social enterprise has worked with a Nepalese aid organization on projects such as the construction and running of schools and kindergartens in Sindhupalchok Province, especially in Gati, a village twinned with Freiberg (eastern Germany). It was precisely there that the earthquakes caused devastating damage. The aim of the student-run social enterprise at the Geschwister-Scholl High School is to continue setting up more schools there.

Employees at the Freiberg site of Siltronic AG, a subsidiary of WACKER, have already been supporting the project for eight years. For example, they take part in a by-now traditional Nepal Fundraising Marathon, with the proceeds going directly to project work in Nepal. “In Gati, people have put up their makeshift shelters ready for the winter. It’s hard but doable,” reports Steffen Judersleben, project coordinator and founder of the student-run social enterprise. “But it’s becoming difficult for people in villages at higher altitudes, where there is a lack of everything needed for everyday life,” says Judersleben, who was working on the ground in Nepal this autumn.

The Burghausen choir “Die Konradis” is donating in excess of €5,000 in sales from its benefit concert in order to support the WACKER Relief Fund’s chosen project in Nepal. “We’re really pleased we can make some contribution to giving the students in this earthquake prone region a future,” stresses Dr. Claus Heikenwälder from WACKER’s Burghausen site on behalf of the a capella ensemble, six of whose eight singers are WACKER employees.

If you would also like to help, please donate by bank transfer to the account given below. Wacker Chemie AG has pledged to match all employee donations and has also donated an initial €50,000. WACKER HILFSFONDS, Donation Account Bayerische Landesbank München, IBAN DE23 7005 0000 0803 3333 33. (Please note your name and address on the bank payment forms. The fund will issue donation receipts to employees resident in Germany, as the donations are tax-deductible there.)

Further information about the project managed by the student-run organization Namaste Nepal can be found online here (available in German only): http://


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