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    Fuji Polymer Industries’ SARCON® Thermal Gap Filler Pads are highly conformable, high-heat conducting gel materials in a versatile sheet form. They easily fit and adhere to almost all component shapes and sizes, including protrusions and recessed areas.

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  • Thermally conductive silicones are indispensable for effective cooling of electrical components. The Munich based WACKER Group supplies non-crosslinked paste-like silicones in the form of gels, adhesives, sealants or encapsulants for liquid metering.

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  • Singarche Primary School 2

    Good construction progress at the primary school in Singarche.

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  • Singarche Primary School

    The Kacherie school’s building shell.

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  • Alexander Wacker Innovation Award 2018

    WACKER Innovation Award 2018

    WACKER Executive Board member Dr. Christian Hartel (right) and Dr. Christoph Kowitz (left), head of corporate R&D, with this year’s winners of the Alexander Wacker Innovation Award Dr. Volker Stanjek (second from left) and Dr. Lars Zander. (Photo: Wacker Chemie AG)

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