A pioneering manufacturer of solar-technology products, WACKER is now an important partner to the solar and photovoltaic industries, with extensive expertise in the field.

Liquid Encapsulation Material for Solar Cells

Our silicone grades specially developed for bonding and encapsulating solar cells feature custom-designed properties, including excellent resistance to weathering and radiation, and meet every requirement of a solar industry that values innovative products.

That is where the low-viscosity, fast-curing ELASTOSIL® Solar truly shines.
There are plenty of advantages to be had from using WACKER’s silicones to laminate flexible and rigid solar modules. Silicone offers a whole series of advantages, including protection against weathering and UV radiation, as well as long-lasting high transparency without yellowing.

Solar Module Frame Bonding

Our products deliver excellent properties that last: they adhere to the substrates typically used and offer neutral curing and long-term resistance to weathering and UV radiation. And, of course, they are extremely easy to process.

ELASTOSIL® Solar is the material of choice for bonding photovoltaic components. Our silicone rubber grades are ideal for sealing module frames. They also perform outstandingly whenever components such as connection boxes need to be fixed to a backing.

Encapsulation of Connectors with Platinum-Catalyzed Silicone Grades

ELASTOSIL® Solar is a pourable, two-part silicone rubber. It exhibits low viscosity and rapid curing when used with WACKER® Catalyst T80.
Due to its low modulus, it can reduce thermomechanical stress, making it the perfect potting material for junction boxes. ELASTOSIL® Solar also protects bypass diodes against moisture penetration.

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The Basic Material of Solar-Cell Manufacturing

Silicon - Building Blocks for Microchips and Solar Cells

Hyperpure polysilicon is an essential raw material to these sectors. WACKER was an early pioneer of this exceptionally pure material and is currently one of its leading producers worldwide. By pure, we mean that for every 10 billion silicon atoms, you will find no more than one potentially damaging foreign atom. No other metal in the world is produced on an industrial scale with such purity.

We provide a range of polysilicon products specifically customized to the needs of each customer and to market requirements. All the while, environmental, health and safety concerns are given highest priority. Our integrated quality management system (certified to ISO 9001 and 14001 as well as OHRIS) sees to it that we comply with these. This ensures that our customers receive premium quality during the entire process – from tailored advice on polysilicon production to timely delivery and specific follow-up support.

Concentrated Solar Power

Stromerzeugung durch Konzentratormodule

ELASTOSIL® Solar silicone elastomers make CPV module production efficient and reliable. This includes bonding applications for the module assembly and the secondary optical unit as well as an effective heat management of solar cells.

Good properties are the excellent adhesion to typical substrates (glass, aluminum, multiple junction cells etc.), neutral crosslinking, long-term resistance to weathering and UV, easy processing and rapid curing and outstanding heat resistance.

Efficient Innovations

Silicones from WACKER are innovative; a clear example of this is the the manufacture of SOG (silicone-on-glass) Fresnel lens systems. Silicone-based optical systems concentrate the light, thereby increasing efficiency.

An Overview of Specialty Applications:

  • Manufacture of primary (Fresnel) and secondary lenses in concentrator modules
  • Injection-molded lenses and optical waveguides for optical coupling to reduce scattering losses

Properties That Endure:

  • Highly transparent
  • Outstanding heat resistance
  • Long-term stability to UV-A and UV-B
  • No yellowing
  • Rapid curing and fast demoldability
  • Excellent fidelity of reproduction
  • Lighter than glass

Use in Solar Thermal Energy

Solar-thermal systems are used for sustainable energy recovery, and make high demands on the materials used, which must first and foremost be resistant to weathering, radiation and heat.

Silicone products are particularly suitable for specific applications in harsh conditions. Self-adhesive silicones from WACKER’s ELASTOSIL®Solar product line ensure permanent bonding between the glass cover and the collector housing. Highly heat-stable WACKER silicone fluids AK and AP, as heat-carrier fluids, effectively remove the energy collected, and remain liquid even at low temperatures.



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