Softeners with Sensory Effects

Hygiene papers must be especially soft and odorless, highly absorbent and tear resistant. Paper is made softer by adding quaternary ammonium compounds to the mass. Surface treatment is effected with fatty acid esters, paraffins and silicones.

WACKER offers selected formulations and a proven line of high-quality silicone-based standard products for these areas. Tested products, application methods and tests ensure you strike the right balance in your formulations.

In our laboratories around the world, we are constantly working on new product solutions: one example is innovative softeners that generate completely novel sensory effects and bestow effective water-repellency on the tissue surface. Naturally, our globally networked application centers and specialists will also develop individual products for you and will assist you with specific contract work, preliminary testing and implementation on a production scale.


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Scientific Corner – Household Care and Tissue

What effects do silicone additives achieve in household care applications? How do they work in fabrics and on surfaces? And what does “foam control” actually mean? Find the answers – and other interesting facts and figures – in our expert articles