Masonry Dampproofing

One Technology for Building Protection and Healthy Living

Damp is the enemy of every wall. In masonry, plasters and paintwork, it damages the materials, leads to increased energy consumption and restricts the uses to which rooms can be put by fostering mildew, which, in turn, can be harmful to residents’ health. Chemical dampproofing has proven an efficient countermeasure. The chemical dampproofing material is injected directly into the masonry through boreholes and, by chemical reaction, forms a horizontal waterproof barrier. This puts a stop to capillary rising damp and any associated transport of harmful substances, and allows the wall to dry out. WACKER’s Silicone Microemulsion Concentrates are highly efficient, environmentally compatible product solutions. They provide lasting protection for buildings with multiple positive effects: precious building fabric is preserved, indoor climate is improved and heating energy consumption is reduced. This has been validated by long-term studies and numerous reference objects.


  • Longlasting barrier against rising damp
  • Enhanced comfort level
  • Prevention of harmful mold
  • Reduced heating energy consumption
  • Solvent-free and easy to dilute


Subsequent horizontal waterproof barrier by injection


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