Concrete Repair

Concrete Repairs that Last

For concrete renovation, mortars modified with VINNAPAS® dispersible powders and dispersions offer crucial benefits: they improve adhesion to installed concrete and steel, increase deformability and flexural strength, lower the elastic modulus and improve processability and wetting properties. The first step is to re-shape the concrete with a repair mortar. An adhesive, cementitious slurry which has been modified with VINNAPAS® is added to the mortar to ensure it adheres reliably and permanently to the cementitious substrate (concrete).

The repaired concrete structures are generally covered with a layer of fine filler one to three millimeters thick. VINNAPAS® dispersible powder ensures good processing, prevents the thin layers from drying too quickly, raises the level of impermeability to CO2 and pollutants such as road salt, and improves freeze/thaw resistance.

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VINNAPAS® 5044 N (GER) Concrete Repair Binders Neutral


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