Transfer Printing

Transfer printing is a technique for printing different materials with the help of transfer papers and film. The transfer papers are printed with sublimation inks (side-inverted), and applied by a thermal transfer printing press to the article for printing. The ink combines with the appropriate material. WACKER VINNOL® grades are preferred for transfer printing because they are thermoplastic and because their specific characteristics render them suitable for this printing process. VINNOL® E grades offer compelling pigment wetting combined with improved color strength and gloss of the printout.

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VINNOL® E 15/45 Transfer Printing Vinyl Chloride Co- & Terpolymers Abrasion resistance; Chemical resistance; Flexibility; Gloss and color intensity; Odorless, flavorless; Pigment wetting; Light fastness; Suitable for food packaging 32 - 42 mPa*s


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