Inkjet printing is a non-impact, direct printing process that does not require a physical printing plate. During printing, liquid ink, under the control of a computer, is squeezed through a microscopically fine nozzle and steered by electrostatic or magnetic fields onto the substrate to be printed, to produce the printed text or image.

The role of VINNOL® in this application is to improve the adhesion of the UV ink to difficult substrates, provide excellent pigment wetting and optimize both color strength and gloss of the printout. The various VINNOL® grades can be combined to tailor the ink to specific requirements. WACKER VINNOL® E grades possess outstanding properties: they are gel-free, soluble in all mild solvents and allow ketone-free formulations. They are particularly suitable for large-format printers and offer compelling water resistance, even for prints exhibited outdoors.

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HDK® N20D Inkjet Pyrogenic Silica Hydrophilic
VINNOL® E 15/40 A Inkjet Vinyl Chloride Co- & Terpolymers Light fastness; Gloss and color intensity; Chemical resistance; Flexibility; Pigment wetting; Abrasion resistance 15 - 25 mPa*s
VINNOL® E 15/45 Inkjet Vinyl Chloride Co- & Terpolymers Abrasion resistance; Chemical resistance; Flexibility; Gloss and color intensity; Pigment wetting; Light fastness 32 - 42 mPa*s


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