Release Agents for Polyurethane Processing

Optimum Processes and Results

The plastics industry relies on release agents to ensure smooth production processes. Release agents form the critical barrier between mold wall and plastic melt in the manufacture of molded articles. Polyurethane foam processing is especially demanding. Release agents here make for smooth-running processes and high-quality products: perfect demolding of the molded foam part and improved optics and surface quality of the shaped articles.

WACKER offers silicone release components for formulating classical solvent-based release materials, along with environmentally sound, water-based silicone components. The release agent systems are all available in a wide selection, as customized product modifications, in the form of fluids, solids, solutions and aqueous emulsions.

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Products Applicationshow all Product GroupSilicone Resins Density Viscosity, kinematic
WACKER® TPD SILICONE RELEASE AGENT Release Agents, Polyurethane Silicone Resins approx. 0.96 g/cm³ approx. 300 mm²/s


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