Paint Conditioners

Paint conditioners offer effective long-term protection for cleaned paintwork – both new and old. Environmentally sound, purely water-borne paint conditioners or low-solvent water-borne paint conditioners are increasingly replacing their conventional, pure solvent-borne counterparts. Hitherto formulated only on natural and synthetic hard waxes and silicone fluids, modern paint conditioners increasingly contain special silicone active ingredients – such as silicone resins and silicone waxes tailored to today's needs. Paint conditioners modified with WACKER silicones are easily applied, easy to buff and have high resistance to adverse weather conditions, detergents and cleaning agents.

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WACKER® E 10 SILICONE FLUID EMULSION Automotive Care, Paint Silicone Fluid Emulsions 37 - 40 %
WACKER® E 1044 SILICONE FLUID EMULSION Automotive Care, Paint Silicone Fluid Emulsions approx. 39 %
WACKER® E 32 SILICONE WAX EMULSION Automotive Care, Paint Silicone Waxes approx. 40 %
WACKER® L 655 SILICONE FLUID Automotive Care, Paint Silicone Fluids, Functional approx. 35 mm²/s


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