Industrial Adhesives

Assembly Adhesives

Assembly adhesives based on GENIOSIL® STP-E provide elastic yet firm bonds in automotive and container assembly. Since they do not contain tin or solvents, they have a low order of toxicity. Additionally, STP-E-based compounds obviate the need for primers, speed up workflow and cut production costs and thus increase the overall economics of production.

High-strength adhesives with a broad application range

Adhesives based on GENIOSIL® XB feature fast strength development and outstanding adhesive strength – even when bonding two different materials. They are therefore making advances into what used to be the exclusive domain of epoxy- and isocyanate-crosslinked systems. Compared to conventional silane-modified polymers, systems based on GENIOSIL® XB additionally exhibit high thermal stability. This is a key requirement for many types of industrial bonding. Due to their low viscosity, they can be continuously processed and, thanks to alpha-silane technology, do not require tin catalysts.

Acrylic-Based Structural Adhesives and 2-Pack Acrylic Adhesives

Acrylic-based structural adhesives score points for conferring very good adhesion on difficult substrates in addition to faster curing and flexibility. The performance of a structural adhesive is determined by the permanence of the bond between the adherends. The adhesive must shrink very little as it cures. VINNAPAS® solid resins reduce shrinkage during curing, thereby speeding up processing and providing a reliable bond.

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GENIOSIL® STP-E30 Assembly Adhesives Adhesive & sealants, silane.modified polymers Rapid curing; high strength ca. 30000 mPa.s
GENIOSIL® STP-E35 Assembly Adhesives Adhesive & sealants, silane.modified polymers Elasticity; Rapid curing ca. 30000 mPa.s
GENIOSIL® XB 502 Assembly Adhesives Adhesive & sealants, silane.modified polymers 1300 mPa.s


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