Consumer Adhesives

GENIOSIL® STP-E hybrid polymers are the ideal formulation base for various consumer adhesives. They enable the formulation of hard yet flexible adhesives for a multitude of applications, ranging from flooring products to universal adhesives. Thanks to their unique alpha-technology, the finished adhesives are easy to use and fast curing. Additionally, being isocyanate-, solvent- and tin-free, they already meet ecological criteria of the future.

VINNAPAS® dispersions can be used as raw materials for adhesives to glue a broad range of substrates like paper, cardboard, wood, leather and textiles. Due to their copolymer composition, VINNAPAS® vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymers are especially suited for formulating plasticizer-free adhesives for safe use in consumer applications.

GENIOSIL® XB: Adhesives based on XB technology feature fast strength development and high adhesive strength. GENIOSIL® XB products allows the formulation of low-viscosity adhesives with Shore-D hardness values – without solvents or plasticizers. They adhere to many commonly used materials such as wood, glass, metals and ceramics, and are therefore ideal for producing superglues.


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