About WACKER Greater China

Message from the President

Paul Lindblad, President Wacker Chemicals, Greater China

WACKER is an international corporation at the global forefront of silicon and ethylene chemistry, with strong roots in the China market on the back of constant product innovation and leading technologies. As a global company with German heritage and a century of successful experience, we believe that the concepts of "partnership" and "sustainable development" will help us to grow with our Chinese customers and partners. Wacker China has already carved out a solid niche in the local market, and China has become WACKER’s top market worldwide.

Throughout our two decades of development in China, we have explored and introduced innovative products suitable for the China market, striving to help raise quality of life, support the industry upgrading and improve the natural environment. An ambitious vision such as this can only be achieved through joint efforts with our partners. From household products to new energy applications, from the construction of the Beijing Olympic Stadium to the Shanghai World Expo, WACKER products can be found everywhere and are profoundly influencing and changing our lives.

Our dedication to innovation, local development and sustainability embodies WACKER’s core values, and I believe it is our commitment to these core values that has won us the trust and recognition of those we do business with. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, our business partners, the communities we operate in, and government officials at all levels for their continued trust and support.

This long-standing commitment remains with us. In the future, we will continue to invest our energies into the pursuit of sustainability, and proactively contribute to the overall development of China.